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We were working on our SEO one day and realized we didn’t have any videos on our location.  So we took our Canon Rebel T1i and decided to put a little something together for you.  If you are interested in visiting our location please give us a call at 310-572-7230 to setup a time.

Here is what we came up with in about 30 minutes.   🙂

and this one……

and this one……

and this one……


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Tiger returns to the Masters in 3D

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AUGUSTA, FLA: Tiger Woods timed his comeback to coincide with the first-ever presentation of the Masters golf tournament in 3D, tourney officials said today. CBS will broadcast the 2010 Masters in 3D live, April 8-11, and Woods will be competing. Woods will launch his 2010 season at the venerable tournament, which he’s won four times. The event will mark his first return to the sport he’s dominated for years since last Thanksgiving, when he crashed his vehicle in an apparent domestic dispute that revealed him as a indiscriminate philanderer.

“I have undergone almost two months of inpatient therapy and I am continuing my treatment. Although I’m returning to competition, I still have a lot of work to do in my personal life,” Woods said in a statement. “When I finally got into a position to think about competitive golf again, it became apparent to me that the Masters would be the earliest I could play.”

The 3D coverage will comprise multicamera shoot, according to tourney officials, who say that “two hours of live afternoon 3D coverage will be available each day beginning during the Par-3 contest on April 7 and continuing through the four tournament rounds, April 8-11.”

Sony Electronics is providing the gear and sponsoring the telecast. Comcast will be involved in the production. Comcast and IBM, the tournament’s technology partner, will team up to offer the 3-D feed via

“The production will primarily focus on the second nine of Augusta National and will be distributed live to those in the U.S. with television sets and computers that are 3-D capable,” the Masters Tourney announcement said.

CBS is the official broadcaster of the Masters, and broadcast it in hi-def for the first time in 2000. It was the first golf tourney done in HD, and will likewise be the first one in 3D.

The network recently announced it would do a 3D telecast of the Final Four, marking it’s entry into the field of 3D production. — Deborah D. McAdams

T.V. Milestones
1956: First Masters Tournament television broadcast (holes 15-18)
1960: Interview of champion by Masters chairman begins
1966: First golf broadcast in color
1967: First overseas broadcast, when BBC televises Masters via satellite
1982: First- and second-round television coverage begins on USA
2000: First golf tournament broadcast in high-definition on network television
2002: 18-hole coverage on Sunday begins
2008: Par-3 Contest televised for first time
Source: Augusta National Golf Club
( Course image by Ken Van Dyne, Norris, Tenn. Shot of caddie Steve Williams and Woods by Andres Davis Tucker of the August National Golf Club)

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So much happening with 3D, I can’t even see straight!

There are so many blogs and articles coming out about 3D, it’s making my head spin.  Although 3D has been around for many years, one of the recent events that set all these articles into motion were the talks at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past January. Apparently there are many broadcasting stations that announced they were going “3D”.  It seems like technology just gets faster and faster in an attempt to get it into the consumers hands. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we saw Avatar “3D” on the big screen? And now it seems like it will be tommorrow that we will be seeing sports in 3D while we sit in the comfort of our own homes. ESPN plans to launch a 3D channel in late June. DirectTV plans to follow with a release of  3 channels in 3D and then the Discovery channel will debut its 3D channel late next year.  The Discovery Channel will be joining forces with Sony and IMAX.  I’m excited to the sharks coming into my living room or better yet, explore caverns while on my couch.

Well, with all this talk about 3D formats for the consumers, its leaving the filmmakers in a tough predicament.  Not that the Post-Production industry isn’t used to seeing changes over night, but this is a big one.  One can only think about all the media that has already been made in 2D and how it could potentially go unseen if the transition happens fast enough, which it seems like it is.

At The Edit Source we are doing our best to stay on top of the latest technology.  We are happy to announce that we have a propietary solution to convert 2D to 3d video. That isn’t all.  We are also happy to say that our location is offering 3D editing and knowledge on the latest cutting edge technology pertaining to 3D filming.  We hope you continue to make us your source for everything post-production.   If you are interested in speaking further about how we can help your production, give us a call at 310-572-7230. We would be more than happy to continue this conversation off-line.

Share with us your thoughts about 3D and how it’s changing the industry or tell us about a 3D rumor you’ve recently heard. We look forward to your comments.

Happy Editing!

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TheEditSource starts a blog!

These are thoughts about the present and future of post production.  I encourage everyone to participate in this ongoing conversation.

Happy Editing!

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